Importing goods into the European Union (especially the Netherlands) means that importers must have up-to-date knowledge of customs legislation. Up-to-date because customs legislation is in a constant state of flux. Besides this, efficient business management in accordance with customs legislation is crucial. If your company does not have all the necessary expertise, Customs Solutions will be pleased to advise you in the following matters:

For example, have you ever asked yourself:
  • is a temporary or permanent transaction the best solution?
  • are there import restrictions on particular goods?
  • does the invoice of the imported goods comply with the legal requirements?
  • if sufficient advance payment for the goods to be imported has been made, or do you prefer to pay all duties directly after acceptance of your permit submission?
  • if the invoice for the goods to be imported complies with the legal requirements.
  • has the value of the goods been ascertained in the correct way?
  • has claim been made on import duty reductions?
  • have the goods been classified according to six rules for classification of user tariff?

    As an importer or person submitting the tax declaration, these are the most important questions, which you will have to deal with.

    Finally, we would like to emphasis once again the complexity of customs legislation. Procedures that have incorrectly been set in motion are difficult to rectify. It is therefore far better to follow the correct path right from the start.

    Please contact us; we will be pleased to answer your questions.

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